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Case Notes 1 - Retired Engineer, Lower Left Limb Mechanism


This is a summary of the first dramatically successful treatment of Short Right Leg Syndrome in my clinical practice dating 2018. A healthy active client in his early 70's had successively suffered left leg issues over a 20 year period. Initially left sided Piriformis Syndrome and Sciatic pain which resolved to only begin experiencing Plantar Fasciitis. Much therapy received for both conditions kept them at bay but a subtle and sometimes not so subtle tightness down the backline of the limb persisted. Then in the space of two years a 3rd degree tear of the left Hamstring occurred when slipping on wet ground and on recovery from that full rupture of the left Achilles hitching the trailer to the car. Seeking massage treatment after surgery, I had to tell him we would not be able to clear tightness from his left leg. Any treatment outcome would be limited and temporary. He had a leg length discrepancy and left hip in very high range anterior rotation binding the Sacro-Iliac Joint blocking energetic flow down the backline of the leg. This was cause for the litany of left leg issues. Despite having been examined and treated by a large number of medico's and therapists, he did not know he had leg length discrepancy. None had considered this minor postural anomaly at the hip had anything to do with his condition. This is typical despite leg length discrepancies being readily demonstrated to the client and seen with their own eyes. They can feel the compensating patterns through their body as the therapist palpates. Being a retired engineer he got it and inserted a 5mm heel lift under the right foot as recommended. Muscle tone in the left leg rapidly returned to normal. Gait, balance, function and vitality continued to improve over a two year period. Where he had previously stopped climbing ladders at age 60 due to poor balance, he now walks about on the cambered tiled roof of his house with leaf blower in hand cleaning the gutters.

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