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Bladder Meridian Pain and Kidney Function - Right Hip and Lower Limb due to Second Cardinal Sign of SRLS

I have experienced meridian pain caused by energetic blocking and organ weakness in the advanced stages of Short Right Leg Syndrome. Five decades of strain and distortion through the pelvis generated by a 21mm structural leg length discrepancy blocked the right Bladder meridian through the effects of the Second Cardinal Sign at the right hip. Impacting health and vitality throughout those 50 years, ultimately weakening the right Kidney*. Degenerating further due to the compounding effects of lumbo-sacral injury at age 60. Had it not been for TCM treatment administered regularly since the age of 23 and maintaining a high level of athleticism, survival might have been questionable.

*Right kidney weakness diagnosed twelve years prior by Master Dawson Dao, Dao Yin Chi Gong Therapist, 14th Generation. I too felt the energetic strength differentiation between left and right kidney when commencing self-treatment for this aspect of the condition in January 2022.

In March 2020 the right leg was suddenly taken by acute pain in the hamstring. The condition was intermittent for a period of weeks or months and then became chronic. Pain following the Bladder meridian’s passage down the back of the limb, the Biceps Femoris insertion behind the knee, calf and lateral aspect of the heel. Thickening and tightening through the backline of the limb was evident. Aggravated by standing and walking.

Initial diagnosis and treatment by Dr Anita Bing advised TCM herbal treatment for Kidneys was required. Weekly TCM acupuncture and herbal medicine treatment commenced with Dr Kevin Duong. Periodic Chiropractic treatment received from Dr Simon Floreani. A Medical Doctor was consulted to investigate the possibility of Deep Vein Thrombosis. Blood testing and ultra-sound examination of the lower limb from calf to groin found no sign of Thrombosis.

Weekly Thai Massage treatment commenced once Melbourne's Covid Lockdown restrictions lifted. Of all the treatments, it had the most benefit but like all other treatment attempts, benefit proved limited and temporary. Had it not been for the extended 9 months of Lockdown prohibiting work and normal life, I do not think I would have successfully negotiated the condition and would have been forced into premature retirement.

While I presume Kidney health benefited from the regular TCM treatment, it did not reduce right leg symptoms. Eventually symptoms escalated and in January 2022, I reached a point where I felt there was no choice but to retire from active life.

Considering my condition, there were a number of clues. The carbon fibre saddle of my race bike with its titanium rails slightly bent down on the right...I had already come to the conclusion there was a short right leg and commenced heel lift treatment twelve months prior. The Chi Gong Master's assessment of a weak right Kidney. The right sidedness of the condition coinciding the the Second Cardinal Sign of SRLS causing rigidity through the right hip. Was this blocking energetic Qi flow in the Bladder meridian at the right hip causing the pain along the meridian's passage through the right lower limb? Was this restricting energetic Qi flow to the right Kidney? Was this the true reason for the long history of Kidney deficiency symptoms detected and treated by the TCM practitioners?

Ceasing all other treatment, I commenced self-treatment to clear energetic Qi flow blockage at the right hip. Within minutes a strong warmth was felt at the beginning of the Kidney meridian. Then the entire sole of the foot became warm. The right leg softened and became warm. For the first time in two years pain was relieved.

Kidney health, while sub-optimal after a lifetime of being starved energetically by Bladder meridian blockage at the hip, has improved. Regular TCM consultation for herbal treatment continues. The right limb is generally pain free but twinges return after extended periods on my feet doing yard work. The right knee joint physically damaged by the excessively tight Biceps Femoris tendon still has restricted ROM.

This self-treatment addressed a lifetime of tightness and muscular spasm in and around the right Iliac Crest and QL. It is supplementary to heel lift treatment. Initially clearing through the use of Reiki and Chi Gong Therapy. Dramatically beneficial yet it became apparent deeper work was required. Pain had been eliminated but symptoms from Kidney deficiency as described by TCM were still present. Use of Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottle No.10 was added to the mix of energetic treatment plus Deep Tissue Massage and Stretching of QL’s, across the Iliac Crest, hamstring and calf. Within the space of a week, kidney deficiency symptoms abated. At the next TCM consultation, for first time in 45 years a TCM doctor stated my pulse was “normal”. Two weeks later at the next consultation it was “Good!” That has never been said in 45 years! There has always been a chronic kidney deficiency.

This is part of the story revealing the nature of the Pelvic Block generated by the strain and distortion of a structurally short leg. Judging by the lack of understanding and scepticism demonstrated by the TCM practitioner consulted, the Pelvic Block as I describe it is not considered in modern TCM training. I do have some reason to believe it was understood by the ancients.


In my case, when a Kidney deficiency was detected through pulse, tongue and eye diagnosis, treatment was administered to build Kidney Qi. I have received regular treatment from six TCM practitioners during the course of my adult life. Kidney deficiency was the primary ongoing issue. Treatment, while always beneficial, only ever achieved a limited and temporary outcome. If treatment was ceased, health and vitality would decline within weeks or months.

What I have learned is that I was not necessarily born with a congenital weakness or had bad lifestyle habits that might impact Kidney health. I was affected more by the Second Cardinal Sign of SRLS causing an energetic block to the Bladder meridian at the hip. The Bladder meridian feeds the Kidney meridian energetically. When the Bladder is blocked, Kidney deficiency results. Clearing the blocked Bladder meridian improves Kidney function and restores normal health. This is a characteristic I have sighted a few times in clinical practice in advanced SRLS cases. Advanced cases are uncommon in my practice. I am sure that should I visit an old age home many more would be sighted.

The Second Cardinal Sign being a right sided phenomenon, the right Kidney is more affected. Pain, tightening and thickening down the backline from Bladder meridian blockage is more likely to be sighted in the right leg. This may contribute to the Right Lower Limb Mechanism where sufficient right sided lumbar dysfunction generates similar thickening and tightening in the backline of the lower right limb. However, they are two separate characteristics of SRLS and it is possible to differentiate between them.

The treatment process described here spanned a twenty-four month period of daily treatment activities unwinding the effects of five decades strain and distortion at the pelvis together with therapeutic input from other Allied Health practitioners. Understanding the mechanism better that timeline might be accelerated. It is expected ongoing maintenance work will be necessary for this aspect of my SRLS condition. The effects of the Second Cardinal Sign are not entirely eliminated by heel lift treatment for SRLS. Heel lift adjustment typically being only a fraction of the leg length discrepancy. Gait effects contributing to rigidity through the right hip are still present, albeit, to a lesser degree.

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