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Every case of SRLS is different. Hard training client with aspirations of being a personal trainer. Had a few conversations with me and now finally on my table for a session. Sceptical about the leg length thing.

Clearly training is impacting lower limb condition. Alignment in most cases at the ankles is even but in this case strain through lower right side pulling up the right leg. All Three Cardinal Signs of SRLS are present in spades plus much discomfort at the left was painful palpated with moderate pressure. I am estimating a structural leg length discrepancy of 20mm. This is well into high range.

Left lower limb mechanism prominent and unsurprisingly left glutes and hami inactive and feeling weak. This is a consequence of the anteriorly rotated left hip, twisting and binding the SIJ, blocking energetic Qi flow down backline of lower limb thickening and tightening the connective tissue.

There are exceptions to every rule in physical assessment. In this case, while high range SRLS, scoliosis has flopped to the left in the Thoracic...this is normally only sighted in low range cases...the higher ranges cases being more convincingly encouraged to the right.

Main issue coming forward at this time is numbness in both hands. Extreme level of tightness present in the pectoral musculature. Pec Minor impinging on the neurovascular bundle. She had received treatment from a number of other therapists who were unable to identify her condition. Upper back, shoulder protocol and releasing the pecs relieved the numbness issue...elementary...Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

She really should do something about the leg length discrepancy though. Not engaging on that one.

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