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Nurturing, Heart Qi and Baby

I have stated previously there is no benefit from a short right leg apart from increased survival prospects for mother and child by freeing the dominant right arm for work and defence. This overlooks the effect of the infant's proximity to the mother's heart. I cannot quantify or measure this and have never heard it being discussed, yet it would be significant in development.

Healers give with their left hand. Those receiving healing speak of heat emanating from the practitioner's palms. Proximity to horses is thought to be beneficial owing to the animal's large heart and energetic field projecting about it. Exercises taught by the Grandmaster noted Heart Qi being delivered through the palm of the hand as beneficial. In my own practice, activating the Heart Chakra intensifies treatment. I feel a notable difference between the palm of my left and right hands in this respect. The cat goes to my left hand for Craniosacral Therapy.

It is more nurturing for an infant to be held close to a mother's or father's left side owing to proximity to the heart and the Qi flowing through the Heart channel to the palm of the left hand holding the infant. Fortunately, due to the postural effects of Short Right Leg Syndrome on the pelvis, we naturally carry baby on the left hip.

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