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Discussing the Mechanisms for Fascial Restriction and the Right Lower Limb

The mechanisms are well known to Traditional Chinese Medical practitioners and martial artists of high standing. Basically it is all about energetic flow. Block the flow and the connective tissue in all its forms thickens and tightens.

Blockage can occur from the effects of overuse, injury, postural imbalance, internal health conditions, emotion, diet and the weather. I encounter the effects of all these on the treatment table. The example described here is primarily caused by postural imbalance from a leg length discrepancy.

It is a classic case of the principle of a "proximal block at hip or shoulder having a distal effect on the limb" as a result of postural imbalance from a short right leg affecting the right hip.

Along the length of a limb this will appear like inflammation. Unlike inflammation, on clearing the block the limb warms and softens in a matter of minutes. Sometimes it is a low grade state barely discernable except to the highly tuned palpation skills of a physical therapist. It can morph into acute pain, dysfunction and injury such as Plantar Fasciitis, Chronic Compartment Syndrome, etc. Apart from affecting mobility, it can also have an impact on internal digestive, reproductive and kidney health.

Demonstrating this for a client where the Second Cardinal Sign and the Right Sided Lower Limb Mechanism of SRLS is causing the backline from glute to plantar fascia to thicken and tighten sufficiently to cause pain and restrict her ability to run after her young children. Apart from obvious tighteness in Calf and Hamstrings, she reports Plantar Fascia pain that wafts and wains in the right foot. Using Indirect Fascial Release technique going with the direction of ease, gentle prolonged pressure is applied with the palm of the hand, stacking in the three dimensional axes to release the block on the Bladder Meridan at Iliac Crest and QL in the right lumbar region. All fascial tightness and thickening in the leg is cleared as energetic flow resumes. This took no more than five or ten minutes.

Although she had been previously fitted with a heel lift under the short leg, the Second Cardinal Sign will persist at the right hip because leg length adjustment is only incremental and does not totally realign pelvic and spinal posture into even symmetry. It is necessary to apply this supplementary treatment at the right hip and I expect it will be an ongoing requirement.

There are other methods of achieving the same outcome. In this case she does not have the athletic ability to properly address it through Chi Gong or Yoga. Other treatments are too physical and her sensitivity and pain do not permit them. The outcome today was successful and painless AND she has been instructed how to perform self-treatment as an ongoing daily thing.

In relation to internal health, energetically the Bladder feeds the Kidneys. Making a circuitous passage through the lumbar and pelvic region, the Bladder meridian is easily strangled and energetically starves the Kidneys...deficiency occurs. Clearing the Bladder meridan blockage at the hip eliminates Kidney deficiency symptoms. I anticipate her strength and vitality will increase significantly and there are a range of symptoms likely to be alleviated.

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